Unstoppable time 无法静止的时间
Project info

Dear honorable judges, my name is Allen Pan, a freelance photographer and photo editor from China. I like to express the world in slow shutter speed as a way to reveal images from a new world that is constructing in my head.
In my opinion, it is impossible for a camera to stop the time. Although it looks like that we can use different shutter speeds to “frame” or “freeze” a single moment. However, it is just illusion because time never stops. My belief in time is fluid allows me to create many out-of-focus and slow shuttered photos. I think beauty lies in the subtle movements. Camera enables us not to capture a moment but to record the trace of time. Many people may find my works unapproachable or beyond understanding, but I am grateful that it has given me a completely new angle to view the world and construct a world.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. I am looking forward to your professional advice. Best wishes.