Visual Storytelling by Michael Kenneth Depue
Project info

Michael Kenneth Depue takes great pleasure in exploring the abstract, the historical and finding the hidden meaning. Michael's craft benefits from developing a series of nine or ten pieces which allows him to explore a concept, develop a theme and tell a story. Some of the series you will find on his web site will be added to throughout his lifetime.

Besides his passion for painting, one of his obsessions is collecting photography from 1860-1960. Most of which is by unknown photographers. Recently he has been working on digitally manipulating these historic images embracing a then-and-now theme. His goal is to create recognition for the collection and build on it so that one day he will give it back to the community by donating it to the Smithsonian.

Each photograph is a moment in time that has become significant and communicates with visual storytelling that is left to individual interpretation. Michael's storytelling has just scratched the surface and his passion continues to add substance to embrace all forms of media. Stories are gifts that are felt for lifetime.