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In the Portuguese language, Demarcation means the determination of limits or limits of the space by means of landmarks, beacons or natural signs, it also means the distinction between heterogeneous realities.

The colonization of the Amazon was determined by demarcations: first, by the symbolic limits that determined its invention and later determined it as property to be dominated, and more recently by the recognition of the traditional populations, quilombos and native communities. Time and space demarcations; the demarcations of land fertilized with blood. The result of the problematic relationship between man and the landscape transcends the local point of view and leads us to a necessary reflection about the 'demarcations' imposed by our society on nature.

This project symbolizes the demarcations in the landscape, not as limits or physical walls. It represents the meaning of the reactions and symptoms that causes in the narrative of opposition between man and the landscape, the changes in nature and its constant mutation.