A Conversation with my Mother
Project info

My Mother's passing was difficult for me. It came at a time in my life when my children were young and her loss led to them growing up, leading their lives in her absence. What was left to me was just enough to enable my obtaining my Leica. I carry her with me every day, arms around my neck, by my side. She wakes with me, spends the days with me, and she shares my life with me as a mother would with her daughter. At night, she rests near my bed, watching over me, as a mother would safely tuck her child to sleep. Without her, I am incomplete, saddened. But with her, I am inspired, my world is alive. She brings me her spirit, creates the passion, inspires the curiosity and confidence to explore, which always leads to new discoveries. Still so giving, even in her passing.

In this series of photographs I have explored the concept of making me, the photographer step away from behind the lens, away from being the observer/documenter, and engaging myself and becoming the participant in a private conversation with my mother. Allowing the viewer to feel as if they were ease dropping in on a private conversation. The soft focus creating an ethereal canvas, an ancestral place for our conversation to first exist, then to be witnessed. Creating a spiritual world in the reflected space.