battito animale
Project info

Horse, more than any other animal, epitomizes freedom, is
born to roam in wide-open spaces.
Nowadays it is mostly used as a means of entertainment for humans and this led me to ask the question, how right is it to ‘force’ the horse to live in a stable during the week and to ‘use’ it only at weekends, at the same time saying we love it?
That’s how this project came about, a narrative about how the second the horse comes out of the stable it comes back to life. Created by the union of a series of images, it tells the story of this majestic animal; at the beginning in motion and then slowing down until static at the end.
The graphic line that traces the electric activity of the heart highlights the energy that is unleashed during those brief moments of freedom, a vitality that almost leads to a heart attack such is the violence of it.
The trace then stabilizes and finally flattens until it flat lines indicating a symbolic death caused by the unnatural life that the horse spends between four walls for most of its life.
Its gaze becomes fixed, glassy and everything seems to still around it, but the memory of green fields will be imprinted in its heart and limbs forever.