Tiree Schoolchildren
Project info

I often photograph children and young people. People on the brink of something, in the midst of achieving an identity. I am also fascinated by small environments, which appeal because of the lives that are lived and experiences available there. Sometimes an environment can be physically small or mentally small.

In ‘Tiree Schoolchildren’, I had the opportunity to explore both of these interests, Tiree being the outermost island of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland and measuring about twelve miles long by three miles wide

Life there was framed within flat yet beautiful landscapes: a vast, rolling emptiness and heavy skies. The children came to school in their own clothes and the lack of uniform was an unusual approach in the UK. Although their environment was remote and itself limiting in some respects, the children conveyed an admirable independence and openness in attitude.

Film was left with the school and children photographed their environments as experienced and their work has been shown together with the portraits.

Thanks to the children, parents and staff at Tiree School.