Who are these girls? The feeling behind the surfing. (in process)
Project info

The documentary came out, literally, from the question that gives its name. I come from the capital of surf in Brazil, Santos, and I observe the rising number of women surfing and enjoying themselves. So, I needed to find out who these women are, what do they do, how do they think, how they got prepared to surf. Over 6 months of 2017, I followed 13 girls. Through time, I realized that I should bring into my images the feelings that surround them and not only the routine or the surf itself. I tried to rescue the sweetness, the dream, the strength, the peace, the love these girls bring inside and exhale through the surf.

When one woman values ​​another, she creates a stronger, more beautiful, more confident and autonomous feminine society. We all become self-confident and powerful. From this, this project emerges to enlight women.

In 2019, the second edition starts.