Siamese Soul
Project info

In this series I’m exploring aloneness, loneliness, togetherness, and connection. My inspiration for the series came from losing my brother in a car accident. It woke me up to the incredible unpredictability of life. I worked with photos of him that were taken in our living room when we were children and used it to reconstruct some of the scenes which I used for the series. Expressing in them the transformational process of loss. Some of the images have a dreamlike quality to them which echoes the lucid dreams I have had of my brother after his death. I was drawn to working with twins or sisters that are no more than a year apart. But most importantly in their relationship, they are so close to each other that they are almost inseparable. Even when apart from each other they are still so in tune with one another, sometimes feeling each other’s feelings etc. This quality seems supernatural (similar to how we react to Siamese twins) yet it reminds us of a connection and familiarity that we all long for. I am wondering if we can still have this connection with those who are no longer with us, or even if this connection becomes stronger as we learn to live with their physical absence. But also I am reflecting on how lonely we can feel being with others when we feel unable to connect with them, especially in a world where we have become so disconnected and distracted in each other’s presence.