Street Photography
Project info

It was my second semester in college but I never even tried to get into the street photography. One day I had an assignment to make a video about myself, so I went outside (Florence, Italy) and I started taking videos of the place where I lived. In one moment I started noticing all the different people on the streets passing through me and the interesting vision they had so I thought ''we are studying about all these great street photographers which made the history of photography and how come I never tried it, I am always stuck in the studio.'' So I decided to start taking photos of the different people living in Florence. The thing was that I did not wanted to ask them if I can take a photo of them because that little moment that every photographer is searching for - will be gone. This day I was chased by a guy calling the police I had to run back to my school, call my director and hide in school while my director is calming him down, after that my camera got slapped, many people were not happy with my way of taking photos and other were laughing or smiling and thanking me but I swear - this was my best day in my photography career for now. The adrenaline I experienced just made me wanna do it more. I wanted to catch as much moments as I can. After seeing the result and showing them to my teacher I immediately switched to my analog camera trying to catch those little moments.