Windows in the Sky
Project info

I live near Chicago and Chicago is in the middle of a building boom. New skyscrapers are being built at a phenomenal rate, and they are changing the look and feel of the city. The new buildings have shiny energy efficient windows designed to reflect the summer heat. The mirror-like walls of glass also reflect the surrounding cityscape, producing intriguingly distorted images of nearby buildings.

The Windows in the Sky project began in 2014 when I started photographing distorted reflections in skyscraper windows, both old and new, in downtown Chicago. Using a telephoto lens, I was intrigued by the abstract images appearing in my viewfinder, and by the interplay between the reflections, the reflecting surface, and the indirect light that can be found on sunny days in shaded city streets.

Windows in the Sky is about skyscraper architecture in one particular city, but it is also about the way the twenty-first century is transforming cities all over the world.