Project info

Originally a fine artist, I started to swap my brushes for a camera and my colours for photochemistry. That’s how the ‚paintings’ that I never painted emerged.
In wet plate photography, I found a suitable medium to bring my images into being. Due to its very analogue nature, the distorting effects -of its chemical and physical processes-, its slow unfolding, it comes very close to the process of painting. At the same time I can use the so-called objectivity of photography to follow my own artistic imagery.
I’m always looking for the special something of my subject whether person, prop or situation,
But for me it is never about the portrait of an individual, it’s about the portrait of the human being per se.
My approach is not conceptual. I always have a visual idea at the beginning, which I carry with me for a shorter or longer time before I make it materialize. Sometimes the idea works well, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I have to compromise and sometimes something else arises.
But always my intention is to create an image that confront the viewers with their own imagination.
All pictures are part of the series PEARS IN THE AFTERNOON