Faceted Facades
Project info

“Faceted Facades, Between Painting and Photography"

Facets joined together over time define the many facades. Each facet directing the dimension, revealing layers, exposing byways, deconstructing the framework of life. Facets interlacing color and character, delineating shadow and soul, sculpting and illuminating the stories of our existence.

I have been exploring the concept “Between Painting and Photography” for over thirty years. Through many explorations, studies and series of photographs. My camera has become an extension of my senses, the tool through which I define what I see, hear, feel, and smell.

I consider the camera an equivalent of the paintbrush and the physical environment, color and space my pallet as seen by me and described through the lens. My goal is to utilize photography as a medium to render my visions.

In this current study, I utilize my Leica and various forms of hammered and textured glass to abstract portraiture, telling the story of life, using the facades to examine people and personality, across the span of our existence.