No Man's Land
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This is the heart of Rome, between luxurious palaces and residences, Parioli district.
Here lies a large, elegant building, was once the Embassy of Somalia, now crumbling skeleton.
But its interior is full of life; about one hundred boys have found refuge here, fleeing from a civil war without end. The hope of a better life and the will to survive, they have abandoned their families, their work, along with their land.
Inside the 'embassy is not life, is a daily struggle for survival in dramatic conditions; no drinking water, no gas and no electric current.
In this journey my guide is Ibrahim, the head of the small community, which collects dramatic stories like that of Mohamed, who fled from Mogadishu to save their lives and jailed for five months in libyan prison Ganfuda in Benghazi.
This is the no men's land, life flows normally, and people do not realize that a few meters away from them, there's an hell of alive.