Project info

It's about Isabela, a 19 years old schoolgirl that's studying to be a veterinary.
It's about the ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte – The National Art Schools), commissioned by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, soon after the Revolution, and designed by the famous architects Porro, Garatti and Gottardi.
It’s entirely made of bricks and never ended, due to the Soviet interference.
There's also a famous documentary about this utopian architecture called "Unfinished spaces".

Scope of my project is threefold and it wants to show:
- the parallelism and the encounter of Isa and ISA: the former playing with bricks as she's building her future; the latter made of bricks, the only material available at that time;
- the contrast between past and present: ISA and Isa;
- the divergence between the unrealized dream (ISA, the unfinished space and failure of Communism) and the realizable one (Isa and her dream to be a veterinary one day).
Here's the project depiction:


Havana, 1 pm and 30 degrees on the roof.
It’s hot out there, very hot.
The air burns away and the sun is firing up all the oxygen.

Isabela is a 19 years old Cuban schoolgirl,
that is dreaming about her future,
a better future that has yet to be build.

In the meanwhile, she’s having fun
building something meaningful for her,
playing with some bricks,
the same material Cuba’s National Art Schools
(ISA – Instituto Superior de Arte) are made of.
They represent the reflection of the revolutionary exuberance
and the utopian optimism of the early years of the Cuban Revolution.
They’re the struggle between the soviet-style functionalism
and the organic revolutionary architecture.
They are the so-called “Unfinished spaces”,
considered at a certain point by the Soviet Union extravagant
and out of scale with reality,
thus left incomplete.

But Isabela is different.
She will build her future.