The Year of the Goat
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The city of Prato, in Tuscany has one of the biggest Chinese community in Italy. Chinese residents on 31 December 2008 were 9,927 while local authorities estimate the number to be around 45,000. Illegal immigrants included. Cohabitation is a big trouble since the last 25 years when the migration started. In spite of all these blames, the local unemployment rate was around 7% in 2013, which was significantly lower than the nation average and the local economic performance was much better than the rest of Italy due to those Chinese textile business. Now it seems that things are going to change, at least a bit, with the third generation, but incomprehension, prejudices and fear among people still have the best. Who is obliged to live this proximity still conduct two different and parallel lifes, looking one each other so closed and so suspecious. There are few occasions of contact, one of that is the celebrations of the Chinese New Year. This raucous and colourful party has the power to mitigate hostilities and to fight against racism making little steps beyond. The 2015 , the Chinese Year of the Goth it is the first time that the dragon is allowed to reach the historical center of the city.