Anti-still Photography
Project info

I define a photograph as an image made with light. We observe and structure photographs through our fixed assumptions. In 1981 when I realized movement was important to my well being, I started asking HOW to picture instead of WHAT to picture. The verb was more important than the subject. With a hand-held camera, I perform flowing movements of awareness while pointing the lens at stationary colored lights along the street at night. By drawing with a camera, I inject more of myself into the creative process. My artistic goal is to COMPLETE photography; to make it WHOLE. My images are not cropped or manipulated in software. Whether the camera is moving or still depends on the intent, spirit and skill of the photographer. Still photography is like sex without foreplay.
At the top of a raging bonfire, the jagged dancing flames confront the darkness and vanish. That apex is where my art gathers its strength and begins. Like a migratory swallow that slurs the invisible forces of air and gravity, I ignite, through a quarrel of nerves and muscles, the stubborn cocktail of foreign lights. Night after night it directs the level of fierceness I use in attacking its spirit. TR