Project info

'Nzuliddu (Vincenzo from the sicilian dialect) is a photography project focused on man and his roots. Those roots which, if neglected, will cause the loss of his original human identity tied to nature, the earth, its rhythms, leaving him at the mercy of fate.
With these photos Simone Aprile wanted to capture the essence of peasant culture, stop it and protect it, telling it in pictures.
The project is a journey through a year in the life of 'Nzuliddu and Concettina, a time marked by the rhythm of the four seasons, from the rising and setting of the sun, by the gestures of fatigue and those from the rest from farm work and rites of the house.
'Nzuliddu missing is the memory of humanity and is a gift to future generations, to the heritage character of the present in which they can draw upon in need.
'Nzuliddu is also a tribute to Modica, its culture, love the simplicity of everyday life, its traditions, the rejection of the superfluous.
It is simply the voice of the earth, the dialogue with nature and the silence of contemplation, where people come and listen to your soul regain love and trust.
It refreshes you, taking back the essence of himself.