Project info

Is a story about an “organized eating disorder”.
Anorexia is all around, not only in glossy magazines full of wonderful dresses worn by skinny bodies that seem to fly, in shocked photo campaigns, or in fashion show dressing rooms.
it is especially in boring suburbs, in teenagers’s bedrooms, who live a normal life.
It’s in the mirrors of men and women who are not able to accept their lives and their relationships poor of dialogue and understanding.
(Dis) order is a story of habits, repetitions, cyclical actions repeated as a daily ritual:
Checking body, doing exercises, weighing food, breaking it into smaller pieces, chew it, spit it out and hide it, counting the days passed from the last menstruation,the cycles of medicines, the tests, the medical examinations.
It’s a testimony of an emotional disorder hard to manage, despite an obsessive organization of the days.
(Dis) order is a photographic project that looks at anorexia, not through 'body images”, but through still life "objects" of daily use that represent the rhythms of people who live it.