The Other Half / L' Altra Meta'
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"I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives" Esther Perel

These are photos I took of my mum last February 2019, whilst helping her during the final phase of her relocation from Northern to Southern Italy, to her hometown, Giardini Naxos, by Taormina, Sicily.

I managed to finish the entire roll in less than thirty minutes with her being completely unaware of my presence. "What is she thinking?" I kept on asking myself whilst shooting frame after frame ... I was completely captured by the intensity and the density of her energy in the environment which seemed to just be cradling her, granting her as much time as she wanted, as much time as she needed, to wander calmly and return safely back home ...

... Only today, thanks to the new look that only the camera could give me, I actually saw Her in her essence. She wasn't unaware of my presence I discovered by looking at this photo as developed it today. For that precious, delicate moment, the moment representing the acknowledgement of the real beginning of her new life without my dad, my mum was simply privileging the presence of his ring, along with hers, still on her hand, since the day they got married ... A day which would have been now over fifty-five years ago.

The lens of the camera is giving back to me the woman inside the mother, a new identity outside of the entangled dynamic of our everyday lives

But it is the warmth, the innocence of the real love they have chosen to share and believe in, adversity after adversity, joy after joy, celebration after celebration, that is filling this photograph of so many layers, so many meanings ... The so natural and real love of Her Other Half.

I not only see or feel my mum when I take a photo of her, I feel with her, and for this new pair of eyes I was gifted I will never be more thankful.