Project info

When I bought my first SLR in 1995, I was attracted by the look through a telephoto lens with aparture wide open. Because of the very narrow depth-of-field, the pictures you get are very different from what the eye can normally see. But, unfortunately, I was not attracted at all from working in my darkroom. I felt insecure with all the chemistry.
Anyway, I traded the camera along with other things to buy a new guitar. So it took until 2011 when I bought the same model again, a Nikon FE Body. I hadn’t sold my favourite lenses, so after a few tries it flashed again. For a couple of years, I used to scan my films, but now I’m shooting digital with the same old lenses. I’ve also bought a 4 to 5 inch large format camera for the use with Polaroid-films. And I’m very interrested in wet collodion photography. So it won’t become too digital in the future.