Some Days We Caught Rainbows
Project info

My wife and I became parents in 2009 when our daughter, Maisy was born. Incorporating her life into ours was a huge challenge for us both. In many ways she forced us both to change and grow in new and unexpected ways. Around that time I started photographing her regularly. My intention was to document Maisy's exploration of her new world and the evolution of our life from being a couple to becoming a family.

I recall being very uncomfortable as a new dad during the first couple of years. As her personality developed, my perspective changed and I began enjoying the role of being a parent. Between ages two and five she was in daycare almost full-time, although most weeks I would still spend a day at home with her. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend this time with her while she was young to see the beginning of her self expression and her personality develop.

As she now attends school for the first time, I start to look back with the same sort of sentiment that most parents feel when they talk about time passing. As with the role of being a parent, my work on this project isn’t finished. At this transition point it’s time to look back in order to move forward. Looking back has allowed me to live in the moment and enjoy these times before they are gone… something I never fully understood before.

This series has become my way of remembering the days I spent with Maisy over the last five years. The things I documented for my own memory are things I am hoping that she will remember too. Its also a conversation with her at an older age recalling those times, and somehow my subconscious fears and insecurities seem to surface in the process of looking back.