Oblidats (The Leftovers)
Project info

This is a collection of images of objects found at random in a forest, located in La Roca del Vallès (Catalonia).
With “Oblidats" (“ The Leftovers”) I intend to highlight the value of chance in the creative process -a line of work that comes from the historic avantgardes-, the value and the beauty of the poor objects - as Antoni Tàpies taught us - and, at the same time, I want to meditate about the passage of time.

A copy of each image was abandoned for 365 days in the outdoors of my home. They suffered, as the objects itself, the impact of the elements (sun, rain, wind, ice...) As the objects, they were left over. The result is a photographic installation of 100x100 cm which you can see at the bottom of this page in its original form. Now it is a framed object with the same size.