The St. Clemente’s Orphans - Kenya 2016
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The political and economic conditions prevailing in a country affect its citizens’ groups and in particular, the most vulnerable children. In Kenya, Kibera is the second largest slum in the world, but there are other smaller ones like Riruta. Most of Riruta slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $ 1.00 a day with a 65-year life expectancy.

As a member of a humanitarian organization, I found myself in St. Clement Orthodox Primary school, which numbers around 150 orphan children and is located in the Riruta slum. They are financially supported and managed by the Archbishopric of Kenya and in certain fields by the humanitarian organization too. All children are taught, fed and dressed by the special programs of the Metropolis. Moreover, there is a special room with beds for the children who want to rest and sleep after school. Late in the afternoon they return to the houses in the surrounding area where they are taken care of by relatives or foster families.