My sister got married...again!
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This is a brief series of my sister Emily getting ready for her wedding. They’d initially met when they were 16, but didn’t meet again until in their 40’s.

They’ve subsequently split, 18 months later, but I look back on these now as a happy moment where I was allowed into the inner sanctum of a bride’s immediate moments before her biggest day.

What struck me most was how the girls (young, and a little older) looked at my sister in her wedding dress; were they imaging themselves as her? I believe that fortunately, for these younger girls, they have a zero filter; there’s nothing about a wedding (even with a notable divorce!) that opaques that view. It’s still an unadulterated, “I can be a princess too” moment and I want to tell them that they CAN have that for themselves, and that they don’t need a wedding day, if they so choose, to have that same feeling again!