Project info

What happens when two strangers meet in front of my camera?
Malou and Alex didn't know each other for longer than maybe 4 hours before we started shooting this series back in 2016. I wanted to examine how I can capture the feeling of closeness and trust between two strangers meeting in front of my camera. This is the first set of a bigger series I'm planning to shoot for a few years now. In each case the two protagonists mustn't know each other before.

Both models had a partner at the time. So, seen from a regular and rather old-fashioned societal perspective, both weren’t “allowed” to be in this situation in the first place. Which is where I want to add a little bit of extra meaning to these stories. When I shoot more sets of the “Strangers” series, I want the couples in front of the camera to be misfits, so to say, in that old-fashioned societal view. A gay man with a hetero woman. A transgender person with someone who doesn’t identify with the LGBTQ scene. Two or three hetero men. And so on.

Why not taking real couples in real situations? Well, that’s where the magic happens, I think. Real couples might know each other very well, maybe too well to catch the spark I’ve captured in “Strangers.” They have their routines of moving, touching, looking at each other.