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This series of photos was taken today, 19th February 2019, on my way home from a dance class. As I drove along the road, I saw this elderly man sitting in the corner of a park, back against a railing, pull along bag next to him, coffee cup by his side. I drove past him but something made me go back, he was to me my perfect opportunity for photography although I only had my mobile with me. I returned already deciding that I would pay him some money for taking his photos. I approached him and he was on his mobile. I hesitated - he has a mobile, I had already decided he was homeless. I approached him and he gave me a big cheeky grin, told his friend he would call him back. I asked if I could take his photos and he said only if I gave him £5.00 - I already had the money out of my pocket. He was tickled by this and the first thing he said was - " I am not homeless, just because I am sitting here with my pull along bag, but I am a manic depressive and thank you for the money. The sun is shining, I'm enjoying my smoke, what more could I ask for, except the company of a lovely lady - that's you". The previous evening I had been besieged by a young 'homeless' woman asking me for money for a room for the night. My assumptions that all people out in a park, with a pull along bag, with dishevelled clothes are homeless?