Old Souls
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We need our older generation. We need to tell their stories. Show their character, wisdom, and energy.

Our older generation has so much to tell us, so much wisdom to share. In this modern age, where we seek meditation, where we look for spiritual guidance and ways to find peace, we tend to forget something.

Our older generation.

They have witnessed so much, endured so many challenges and are faced with the final stage in life. We need to visit them, listen and talk to them and learn from them. Before it is too late.

How wonderful would it be if we could collect their wisdom, to learn from their mistakes, to find out the truth of life? We should all give back, show gratitude, respect and honor them. It is our duty as human beings to capture their stories in time.

Show them we care.

Now, our children are faced with a different world where technology will dominate and rule. With the world at our screens, we forget to look up. Let us show them their history.