silent euphoria
Project info

Project silent euphoria consists of the sensual selections of the flower and plant images MAKIKO has taken over ten years - from her desktop flower pots to wherever outside she spotted something that has drawn her interest. She did not provide titles on purpose as she values the fact that everybody would feel different. Enjoy your own unique moment of pleasure in her stillness world.

Since MAKIKO came across the following unexpected incident in 1990, the concept of the project has been gently maturing over time… Everything started in 1990 when MAKIKO was on the way home from work in the evening, walking along the concourse of the Hibiya Line in Tokyo. She noticed a large orange poster on the wall from a distance. She noticed that it was another book advert and did not pay any particular attention. When she was passing in front of it, a stereo typical looking Japanese salaryman in middle age with his greasy hair parted 7:3, wearing a pair of silver glasses, a dark grey suit and tie, and carrying a black document bag, who was walking in front of her, suddenly turned back and rushed to the front of the poster as if he was drawn by a powerful magnet. His face was close as possible as he could go to the surface of the poster, staring at it as if he gave up everything just to enjoy what was shown. The orange object on the poster was an image of flower petals looking like women’s private parts. And there was the book title - “Histore d’O”.