Daughter and father
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At the beginning of the 20th century, the statement about the benefits of sports practices and training for women was a cause of controversy and resistance. Today, despite the popularization of martial arts among women, in the modern world there is still a common stereotype that "Women and combat sports are incompatible." Sambo, boxing, karate are for men. Women should keep being women, so there are more "appropriate" sports for them.
"Daughter and father" is a portrait series of young athletes involved in various martial arts and combat sports. Participants of the project are not selected due to the same age group and sports achievements. What unites them is that they all train under their fathers. The project was created in sports facilities where fathers and daughters train. Each family is a unique world of the relationship between a coach and an athlete, mutual understanding and trust between daughter and father.
Life in sports is not only about physical education, it is also about inner self-development. A lot of the participants have already experienced a critical period, accompanied by the process of maturation. What role does a father-coach play in shaping the character, achieving the desired outcomes, the freedom of choice of his daughter-athlete? There’s an opinion in society that mothers play a much greater role in raising daughters than fathers. Scientists express a different assumption in this regard. In most cases, it is the emotional bond between daughter and father that forms the girl's concept of masculinity and femininity and affects her outlook as an adult, her self-esteem and the ability of self-realization.