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  • Bruce Polin
    Strolling around Prospect Park in Brooklyn with a cart full of photographic gear in tow, Bruce Polin creates revealing, compelling portraits of New York City’s diverse inhabitants.
  • Natalie Krick
    What does it mean to be a beautiful woman? In this book, photographer Natalie Krick plays with the viewer’s expectations and preconceptions about imagery of sensual women.
  • Adam Ferguson
    Portraits of resilience and strength—these young women were captured by Boko Haram and forced to carry suicide bombs. But instead of succumbing to their captors’ torments and committing a violent act, they resisted.
  • Mirjana Vrbaški
    Galvanized by the idea that there is a “right” way to be a woman, this photographer set out to create spare, revealing portraits of her female subjects—all in search of the qualities that connect every gender.
  • National Portrait Gallery
    A review of a first-rate catalogue—filled with compelling stories as well as an overview of photography’s relation to painting and other arts—that accompanied a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. 
  • Foam Amsterdam
    Characterized by bold patterns and striking studio stylings, this master portrait-maker’s work is currently on view for the first time in the Netherlands. Discover his prolific output as well as a critical look at visual representation of Malian society in the mid-20th century.
  • Haruka Sakaguchi
    Harrowing, deeply affecting firsthand accounts from hibakusha, the surviving victims of history’s only atomic bomb attacks. A much-needed effort to make their testimonies accessible before they are lost forever.
  • Pietro Baroni
    Inspired by a line of Baudelaire’s poetry, an intense portrait series that seeks to depict the fears and anxieties we try to hide—but are carried, like tattoos, on our bodies…
  • LensCulture Editors
    Portraits have a unique and captivating power to spark our curiosity and connections with other people—discover outstanding work by 39 talented photographers who offer us a fresh and inspiring array of the best of contemporary portraiture from around the globe!
  • Nicholas Nixon
    In an exclusive conversation with LensCulture, Nixon talks about why he threw away the first photo of “The Brown Sisters,” imparts some invaluable wisdom gained from 40+ years of making portraits—and reveals the moments when you need to put down the camera and simply be present.