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  • Foam Amsterdam
    Characterized by bold patterns and striking studio stylings, this master portrait-maker’s work is currently on view for the first time in the Netherlands. Discover his prolific output as well as a critical look at visual representation of Malian society in the mid-20th century.
  • Haruka Sakaguchi
    Harrowing, deeply affecting firsthand accounts from hibakusha, the surviving victims of history’s only atomic bomb attacks. A much-needed effort to make their testimonies accessible before they are lost forever.
  • Pietro Baroni
    Inspired by a line of Baudelaire’s poetry, an intense portrait series that seeks to depict the fears and anxieties we try to hide—but are carried, like tattoos, on our bodies…
  • LensCulture Editors
    Portraits have a unique and captivating power to spark our curiosity and connections with other people—discover outstanding work by 39 talented photographers who offer us a fresh and inspiring array of the best of contemporary portraiture from around the globe!
  • Nicholas Nixon
    In an exclusive conversation with LensCulture, Nixon talks about why he threw away the first photo of “The Brown Sisters,” imparts some invaluable wisdom gained from 40+ years of making portraits—and reveals the moments when you need to put down the camera and simply be present.
  • Alizé Le Maoult
    “It all started in Sarajevo…”  In this exclusive video interview, Alizé Le Maoult recounts how she was compelled to create an archive of portraits of photojournalists after a life-altering experience during the Bosnian War.
  • Nadav Kander
    A relentless drive combined with a thoughtfully cultivated humanness—according to the sought-after photographer Nadav Kander, that is what it takes to make your mark in our age of visual glut. 
  • Rebecca Morse
    How have painting and photography intersected throughout history? A curator at the largest art museum in the western United States shares a few examples (and picks her favorite portrait photographs) in this exclusive interview.
  • Siobhán Bohnacker
    What makes a portrait powerful? How do you create editorial work while maintaining your personal vision? A conversation on these topics (and more) with Siobhán Bohnacker, senior photo editor at The New Yorker.
  • LensCulture Editors
    Now open—the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2018! We are seeking compelling, unique portraits from around the world. This international competition is dedicated to discovering the best portrait photography being made today. For the first time ever, selected photographers will be exhibited at Photo London in May and in Arles this July. All types and genres of portraiture welcome—enter today!