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  • Alison Luntz
    Using photographic prints from her personal archive as backdrops, Alison Luntz constructs pre-pandemic tableaus tinged with nostalgia in and around her Brooklyn apartment.
  • Hernease Davis
    Through her tactile experiments in analog photography, textile arts, and performance, Brooklyn-based artist Hernease Davis treats the creative process as a healing tool.
  • Jeremy Snell
    Working with Ghanaian children on Lake Volta, humanitarian photographer and cinematographer Jeremy Snell’s luminous images tell a serious and urgent story.
  • Karen Navarro
    Karen Navarro constructs colorful, hand-crafted kinetic sculptures, creating photographic portraits which are as fluid as identity.
  • Julia Fullerton-Batten
    Peeking in from outside her neighbors’ windows, London photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten creates elaborate, cinematic tableaux, voicing their stories from a distance.
  • Rebecca Horne
    Rebecca Horne arranges everyday objects into illusion-filled still lifes and tableaux, creating worlds of unexpected visual relationships.
  • Tommy Kha
    In a surreal play on self-portraiture, Tommy Kha creates 3-D masks of his face for his friends, family, and strangers to wear.
  • Nanna Heitmann
    Nanna Heitmann combines elements of traditional documentary road trip photography with elements of Russian art and folklore in her depictions of an eclectic mix of individuals, interiors and landscapes.
  • Lucas Foglia
    Lucas Foglia travels the world and photographs people as they seek positive ways to engage more thoughtfully with nature in the context of climate change. 
  • Deborah Bay
    Transforming simple objects into vibrant and shimmering abstractions, Deborah Bay’s inspiring studies on light and color are a reminder of the magic of photography and what we can do with it.