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  • Klaus Bo
    Klaus Bo’s stark images documenting death rituals from around the world are a rare visual record of cultural traditions.
  • Andrew O'Carroll
    Enter the world of the Hotel City Plaza, a refugee squat in Athens housing a community of hundreds of individuals as they await their turn to leave the country and start anew.
  • Vanessa Winship
    An exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre spotlights the work of Vanessa Winship, a photographer with a knack for capturing life on the margins in the Balkans, North America, and beyond.
  • Hamburg Triennale of Photography
    This year’s edition of the Hamburg Triennale tackles a range of contemporary issues—from the environmental crisis to the concept of “home”—all dissected through the medium of photography.
  • La Repubblica
    We spoke to the photo editor of one of Italy’s largest newspapers about commissioning for a daily paper, sourcing local talent, and looking for work that will excite the next generation of readers and viewers.
  • Marco Gualazzini
    In Somalia, long seen from the outside as a place of conflict and strife, a new desire is swelling. After enduring decades of bloody civil war, the country’s people are ready to forge a different way of life.
  • Sonja Hamad
    “Your last hand grenade is always meant for you.” We interviewed photojournalist Sonja Hamad about her intense experience producing this body of work about the all-female fighting units in Kurdistan.
  • Roei Greenberg
    Searching for the intersection of geography and history, a photographer from Tel Aviv traversed the vast landscape of Israel in a poetic exploration of boundaries.
  • Nick Hannes
    What is it like to photograph in one of the world’s most exclusive and PR-conscious cities? A former photojournalist speaks about using a slower documentary approach to pierce into the “parallel world” that is Dubai.
  • Giovanna del Sarto
    When is documenting a crisis not enough? Stymied by the volume of digital images produced by photojournalists, this photographer returned to the material medium in order to literally give something back to her subjects.