• Location:
    YOKOHAMA, Japan
  • Gallery Representation:
    Lumiere Brothers Photo gallery
    Lumiere Brothers Photo Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Schools Attended:
    college of Nihon University
  • Photo Associations & Memberships:
    Japan Professional Photographers Society
About Shigeru Yoshida

1958: Born in Tokyo

1980: Graduated from Department of Economics at the NIHON university. Afterwards, worked as an assistant at a commercial studio

1988: Became a commercial, freelance photographer

I began taking pictures for my "Big tree in the world" series. I traveled all over the world to photograph the biggest trees on the earth. The main places I covered were Madagascar, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK and Tasmania.

2011: After the tsunami disaster, I started my new body of work.

2013: I signed a consignment agreement with the Lumiere Brothers Gallery in Moscow.
2014:I was Invited International Festival of Photography
PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar Russia

Published works
2002: "The earth inheritance, the last big trees". The series was published by Kodansha in Japanese.
2005: "The earth inheritance, the big trees BAOBAB". It was published by Kodansha in Japanese.
2012: "The Venerable Trees in Japan". It published it from Kodansha in Japanese.
2014:“BORDER”. It published it from Ouka Published company in Japanease.

Solo Exhibitions
1993: Ienohikarikaikan gallery in Tokyo
1996: Fiji Photo salon in Tokyo
2009: CANTELMO gallery in New York, USA
2010: Gallery Cosmos in Tokyo
2014:Lumiere Brothers center for Photography, Moscow, Russia Julu 21〜Sep 21
2014:Epsite(EPSON imaging Gallery in Tokyo)Oct 3〜23
2014:International Festival of Photography
PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar Russia

1995: New York festival international Bronce award
1996: Minister of International Trade and Industry award. Featured in national exhibition calendar in Japan

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