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About Siebe Swart

Siebe Swart (1957, Amsterdam) studied chemistry for several years before deciding to switch to photography, first at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and then at the AKI in Enschede. Siebe Swart is particularly interested in built environments, and he documents the processes of change that continuously characterize them. Panorama and aerial photography.

Exhibitions (selection)
Land van Lucht en Water / Huis Marseille (Amsterdam), 2011/2012
Panorama Nederland / Stroom (Den Haag), 2007, Nederlands Fotomuseum [NFM] & 1ab biennale (Rotterdam), 2003
Panorama Amsterdam / FOAM (Amsterdam) 2003
Entre Chien et Loup / Fotofestival Naarden (2003)
Museumplein / Stedelijk Museum (2001)
Nederland - België / Nederlands Foto Instituut:[NFI] (2000)
'Suburban options' / Nederlands Foto Instituut [NFI] (1998)

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