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Over $6,000 in prizes, London exhibition, and worldwide exposure to the most influential people in contemporary photography.
The "Swallows of Syria", winner of 3rd prize, Portfolio Category, 2012 © Matilde Gattoni

Closed For Entries. Winners Will Be Announced In January 2014

Gain invaluable global exposure to photo editors, creative directors, curators, gallery owners, collectors, publishers, agents, critics, journalists, festival directors, and international photo networks.
Your work will be shared directly with LensCulture's opt-in community of over 100,000 photography enthusiasts — so your photos will reach a huge audience of people who really know and love photography.
It's all about results — getting shows, selling prints, editorial and commercial assignments, book deals, magazine features and more. We reward talent with global recognition and career-changing exposure.
Photographers from over
60 countries have
already submitted work.
  • © Thomas Martinez

  • © Nattha Aungkasit

  • © Alexandros Demetriades

  • © Benjamin Else

  • © Claire Martin

  • © Alex Masi

  • © Carlos Peñalba

  • © BriAnne Wills

  • © Ellen Starrett

  • © Alvaro Deprit

  • © Kevin Krupitzer

  • © Sebastian Reiser

  • © Michael Limbert

  • © Uygur Kiran

  • © Julia Gunther

  • © Carlos Peñalba

  • © Alicja Brodowicz

  • © Uygur Kiran

  • © Robyn Day

  • © Julia Gunther

  • © Vicki Ragan

  • © Sahil Lodha

  • © James M Barrett

  • © Shavonne Wong

  • © Mattia Passarini

  • © William Miller

  • © SA Lastname

  • © Magda Rakita

  • © Janelle Lynch

  • © Jumana Shakeer

  • © Naoko Tosa

  • © Sungkyung Kwak

  • © Lee Connor

  • © Andreas Kauppi

  • © Sergei Stroitelev

  • © Salvatore Valente

  • © Julia Fullerton-Batten

  • © Sahil Lodha

  • © Sebastian Reiser

  • © Manuela Unterbuchner

  • © Paul Glazier

  • © Olivier Du Tre

  • © Jenny Riffle

  • © Lauren Giuliani

  • © Enrique Muñoz García

  • © Cassandra Giraldo

  • © Tuba Korhan

  • © Felicity McCabe

  • © Antonio Lastname

  • © Ellen Starrett

  • © Graham Dew

  • © Jacqueline Douglas

  • © Yeong-Ung Yang

  • © Vicky Martin

  • © Stephen Spiller

  • © Jim Casper

  • © Sungkyung Kwak

  • © Jasmina Jasinska

  • © Tamas Schild

  • © Cristina Izquierdo

  • © Hebe Robinson

  • © Sergei Stroitelev

  • © Jude Watson

  • © Eleonora Strano

  • © Aleksandar Donchev

  • © Ellie Davies

  • © Agnieszka Rayss

  • © Wout Overkamp

  • © Thomas Ball

  • © Paris Photo

  • © Warren Haas

  • © Dennis Ramos

  • © Sergei Stroitelev

  • © Don Gurewitz

  • © Michael Shapochnic

  • © Don Gurewitz

  • © Jian Gao

  • © Mateusz Sarello

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Open to All
All types of photography. All levels of expertise. All points of view. All corners of the world.
Some of our previous winners:
  • Fine Art
  • Portraiture
  • Documentary
  • Mobile
  • Photojournalism
  • Landscape
  • Street
  • Aerial
  • Cityscape
  • Alternative
  • Activism
  • Night
  • Staged/
  • Personal
  • Conceptual
  • Nature
  • Camera-less
  • Abstract
  • Fashion
  • Analog
  • © Johan Ensing
  • © Laura Pannack
  • © Jessica Hines
  • © Kate Geraghty
  • © Stella Johnson
  • © Jody Ake
  • © Daniel Traub
  • © Sean Lee
  • © David Lazar
  • © Artus Lluis
  • © Insight
  • © Gayle Stevens
  • © Michael Marten
  • © Thomas Gardiner
  • © Elin Hoyland
  • © Eran Gilat
  • © Elena Bulygina
  • © Peter DiCampo
  • © Natan Dvir
  • © Anne Berry
  • © Rachelle Mozman
  • © Carolle Benitah
  • © Julia Fullerton-Batten
  • © Claire Warden
  • © Danielle Voirin
  • © Evzen Sobek
  • © Albertina d'Urso
  • © Paolo Patrizi
  • © Ellie Davies
  • © Juliane Herrman
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London Exhibition

All winners plus 25 finalists will be exhibited at a gala show in London — one of the world capitals of photography — with museum quality prints provided by Genesis Imaging, UK.

London exhibition bfbffb9264492bb350c8779ca2051c9c23f8ddf782cd5bd34815751028345bb7
Cash Awards

Grand Prize: $2500 cash
2nd Prize: $1000 cash
3rd Prize: $500 cash

Grand Prize: $1500 cash
2nd Prize: $500 cash
3rd Prize: $250 cash

Worldwide Exposure

Every winner and 25 finalists will be highlighted in special feature articles in LensCulture — and prominently promoted throughout our network of over 100,000 influential enthusiasts in the global photography marketplace.

Ipad a5d5f95457bc1f18655295b517bfff63f6e596ba4a9375c2430116693fd678a2
PLUS, every winner and finalist will win a professional Photographer Profile page in LensCulture. Our invitation-only Profiles highlight only the best in global photography, and they offer a feature-rich platform to display multiple projects and direct links to every member's professional website, galleries, publishers, exhibitions, books ... and more!

International Jury 2013

All submitted work will be reviewed by each of these international experts.

James estrin d7e1db92985b91598355ffa7d9fbb028696e29e7801e54123270541ac709b7bc
James Estrin
Lens Blog Co-Editor
The New York Times
New York, New York, USA
more about James
A founder of Lens, The New York Times’s photography blog, James Estrin has been its co-editor since it went online in May 2009. He writes several pieces a week for Lens. He is a Senior Staff Photographer for The New York Times, and was part of a Pulitzer Prize winning team in 2001. In addition to photographing, editing and blogging, he is a writer for the Times and produces audio and video for
Regina maria 624b883559211ff5191ad4790e534d424d085b540259748be76dcfe78a24b990
Regina Maria Anzenberger
Anzenberger Gallery & Anzenberger Agency
Vienna, Austria
more about Regina
Regina Anzenberger is founder and director of Anzenberger Agency (representing photographers worldwide) and AnzenbergerGallery (in Vienna, Austria). Regina Anzenberger curates exhibitions, writes and publishes books, and is director of the Vienna PhotoBook Festival. She is a member of the Nominating Committee of the Joop Swart Masterclass and the Prix Pictet.
Dimitri beck 705a247df860c335871a9b5902804f89640ccf71392c3c59590a487b1dbff358
Dimitri Beck
Editor-in Chief
Polka Magazine and Gallery
Paris, France
more about Dimitri
Dimitri Beck is the editor-in-chief of the Paris based photography magazine, Polka. Dimitri has been part of the executive management of Polka since 2008, contributing to the development of the magazine, gallery and website, including the magazine’s new feature-rich iPad version. Dimitri lectures on photojournalism at conferences and educational institutes. Prior to working at Polka, he was the Director of the Aina Photo Agency based in the Afghan capital Kabul.
Jim profile 41a9fdb24249f5b672622d7b5453e6adeed6f9483fe71a9d95a95fa2b0b51b0f
Jim Casper
Founder and Editor, LensCulture
Co-Founder and Director, LensCulture FotoFest Paris
Paris, France
more about Jim
Since 2004, Jim Casper has edited and published Lens Culture, the popular online platform for international contemporary photography, attracting daily visitors from 50+ countries worldwide. He is co-founder and director of the yearly international portfolio reviews, LensCulture FotoFest Paris. He is member of the nominating academy for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, serves on juries of international photo competitions, curates shows, conducts masterclass workshops, lectures, and writes about photography.
Els barents a134f6f6f9a86b8a6bf42a7f61d027263d633704c37e2d5d778cf22d0a0b2a88
Els Barents
Director of Huis Marseille Museum for Photography
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
more about Els
Els Barents is a curator, writer and collector. She has worked as a curator of photography for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Deputy Head of exhibitions at Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst in Den Haag, and an advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is currently the Director of the Huis Marseille Museum for Photography, Amsterdam’s first photography museum, which offers a varied exhibition program in which photography’s rich history and diverse uses are given consideration. The museum also shows work from its own collection of contemporary photography. In September 2013, Huis Marseille doubled its exhibition size after purchasing and renovating the canal house next to the original museum — all dedicated to photography.
Famighetti 3eb9478dbb24d57a572a8b65a603dd8d7f05aa063ae8dc8b3bf40f3c56721ecf
Michael Famighetti
Editor, Aperture Magazine
New York, New York
more about Michael
Michael Famighetti is editor of Aperture Magazine. He has edited numerous photography books, including volumes by William Christenberry, Robert Adams, John Divola, Jonas Bendiksen, and a series based on the website Tiny Vices. His writing has appeared in Frieze, Bookforum, Aperture, andOjodePez, among other publications. Famighetti has degrees from Bard College and Columbia University, where he has also taught. He has served as a judge for the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Awards. He speaks and reviews portfolios at leading photography events around the world.
Alan taylor 7a64e25aa119e1cf55e015c7eb9c5308f3455ab84f057351f89f6f0c976675cd
Alan Taylor
Senior Editor
The Atlantic Magazine
“In Focus” photography blog
Natick, Massachusetts
more about Alan
Alan Taylor is a senior editor with The Atlantic Magazine, producing and editing the large-sized news photo blog "In Focus". Formerly a web developer, Taylor combined his love of storytelling and photography with the web skills he'd developed for 14 years to create a new platform for visual storytelling online. In 2008, Taylor was working for the Boston Globe as a developer, when he proposed, then launched a news photo blog called "The Big Picture", which quickly became very popular. In his life before the Internet, he worked as a tour guide in Alaska after earning a BA in English Literature from Western Washington University. He now lives and works in Natick, Massachusetts.
Christophe laloi a97d65d9c9cfba4e22ed8fee23de1794d5b6ef3130e34fb7566e8d696f6b1cc0
Christophe Laloi
Artistic Director and Director of Programming
Festival Voies Off
Arles, France
more about Christophe
Christophe Laloi graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de photographie d’Arles, France in 1996, with a masters in History of Art. He found his direction in the discovery of emerging photography and in the support of young artists. In 1996 he founded the Voies Off Festival at the Rencontres d’Arles, where he continues to act as artistic director and director of programming. In this role, he selects more than 60 artists each year from five continents. In 2007 he opened the Galerie Voies Off. This exhibition space presents emerging and established photographers throughout the year.
Andy adams 62be3e04c22014c3f74badc5eb1cb69449c11efca261ddb847d0f2a73f793b53
Andy Adams
Founder and Editor
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
more about Andy
Andy Adams is an independent producer + editor whose projects explore contemporary ideas in photography. Recent works include The Future of Photobooks, 100 Portraits — 100 Photographers, Looking at the Land — 21st Century American Views, and Making Pictures of People: Recent Perspectives on Photographic Portraiture. In his spare time he publishes, a website that promotes the discovery of artists, bookmakers and photo organizations from around the world.

Success Stories

Jessica hines 768ca91a88725a883037443f1ef839724cfe507d94bda013d69251eaca714b67
Entering Lens Culture International Exposure Awards competition was the single best thing I ever did for my career."
- Jessica Hines
Michael marten dabeb837fd90caa938a8681eca8ce28308f5b0606121393451b81f9b8282e4ec
My grand prize award led to an important magazine article: The Guardian Weekend magazine ran an 8-page feature on my work which made my work much wore widely known and led to publishing my book and some print sales, and eventually an exhibition."
- Michael Marten
Michelle sank 6086d464769217cc0885364b955ba44ca5576da76e3839e3cca1c20dded2db73
The Award brought increased attention to my newest body of work (4 publications, one exhibition, one additional award). I like the fact that the work represented is always of a high and diverse calibre and that it is a highly respected competition."
- Michelle Sank
Louisa marie 07337684fd0180f8e4e9e422b86c9a872d6208f21171c2217d453e6d700a0859
After receiving the award I was able to publish my book. The Award offered the perfect support at the right time of my career within the ideal space and community to fully nurture my professional and artistic growth."
- Louisa Marie Summer
Kerry mansfield f652b254d9bd841682d7399d326f64ffbe26ce5c2e7371fcf1c1d478c3b5bdf6
One of the best aspects of winning the award is the sheer amount of exposure the work gets, no pun intended. I have received emails from people all over the world."
- Kerry Mansfield
We Respect Artists' Rights
All photographers retain full copyrights for their own work. Participants agree to grant LensCulture limited, restricted use of photos only to promote the photographers themselves and in connection with marketing the Awards competition itself.

Enter Now, It's Easy!

Our new platform makes entering a snap. All genres and styles of photography are welcome.

Entry Fees:
Portfolio submission fee is $75 for 5-10 images, $5 for each additional image, no limit.
Single Image submission fee is $35 for first image, $5 for each additional entry, no limit.
Closed For Entries. Winners Will Be Announced In January 2014

Show us your best work!

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