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LensCulture Project Review:
Gallery Focus

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After over 10 years of bringing exposure and resources to photographers all over the world, we are introducing our new Project Review service for photographers interested in having their work seen by gallery professionals and taking the next step in crafting their work for marketing and potential sales.

We’ve brought together a team of fine art and gallery professionals to design an in-depth review that helps you better present your photography to collectors, galleries and the overall marketplace. You will gain critical feedback and insights on exposure, representation and ultimately presenting your creative works to sell.

In addition, your work will be considered for our LensCulture Print Show in New York City as well as our Online Exhibition, which will be curated by a group of gallerists and curators from around the world. Both exhibitions will be promoted to our global audience of 2.5 million.

Finally, all participants will be able to market and sell their prints with the help of our partners: OpenStudios, an online platform that helps you market your work and connect with buyers online, and PICTO, a leading photo lab based New York and Paris.

you & your work
Receive an in-depth written review by an Industry Professional
Be considered for our gallery exhibition in New York City
Be considered for our Online Exhibition
Get an OpenStudios account to sell your work

Get an In-Depth Project Review:
Professional. Personalized. Actionable.

We’ve recruited a team of industry professionals to take an in-depth look at a project from your portfolio. Through an extensive pre-review questionnaire, feedback is tailored to answer questions specific to you and your work. Our creative community is ready to help you fine-tune your project, providing guidance to help you better present your work to collectors, galleries and the overall marketplace.

“I would suggest that you work on your writings. It is important for a gallerist or curator to have a complete picture of who you are as an artist, and your background statement is a way to discuss that.”
Excerpt: Balder Olrik Review

Tell Us About Yourself

Our Reviewers want to know who you are as an artist. We ask you to complete a brief but thorough questionnaire to understand your objectives for your work. The more information you provide, the better our reviewers can assess the project’s strengths and weaknesses plus suggest opportunities for growth and direction to further your goals. In addition, we ask you to provide your biography, website, and resume (cv), but these materials are optional.

Present Your Project

Show us a cohesive body of work, up to twenty images, that speaks to your ideas, tells your narrative, or engages us with your story. We are looking not only for your visual signature, but the ideas behind the work. Provide a short project statement that clarifies what the series is about, how you hope to engage us as viewers, and what you would like us to take away from the work.

Get Your Review & Recommendations

Our industry professionals will review your submitted materials, spend time with your images, and develop a thorough response to your questions and concerns. Make the most of this opportunity—the more information you provide, the more in-depth and focused your answers will be. Our reviewers can provide clarity and insights into your work, your process, marketing, and placing your work in front of gallery professionals who can help you advance your fine art career.

Review Feedback could include:

  • Discussion of the visual strength of your work
  • Editing your artist or series statements
  • Fine-tuning or focusing your project for exhibition
  • Marketing your work
  • Working with a gallery

Actual Reviews

See Vasantha’s full review

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“The reviewer has taken the time to get a good grasp on my work on a deeper level than I am used to and the insights are concise and articulate. It’s been really useful to have a critical eye assess my work - professional feedback of this sort is not easy to come by.
As well as an appraisal of my work, I requested more practical knowledge about opportunities for increasing my international exposure. The review supplied me with great relevant information to go ahead and explore further, along with a list of links relating to all the websites discussed. This saved me a lot of time in research and opened my eyes to new opportunities.”
— Daniel Shipp, Sydney, Australia
“I learned not only the detailed strengths and weaknesses of my images, but also [received a] comprehensive analysis of my project, including the overall concept, the consistency of the theme, the inclusion/edit of the images, as well as suggestions on how to move forward. The remarks are detailed, to the point, constructive, and definitely encouraging and helpful. It spells out the doubt I have for the project. It also provides me with some direction I can further pursue, which is exactly what I need now.
I would like to take this chance to thank LensCulture team for spending so much time to help me with my project development. I feel a new chapter of my project has been unveiled. Very much appreciated.”
— Claire Hsiang-Wei Chao, Taichung City, Taiwan

New York Gallery Exhibition

We’ve partnered with Klompching Gallery in New York City to produce a series of group exhibitions featuring up to 20 photographers and curated by the gallery directors themselves: Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching. This two-week-long exhibit will be open to the public and will launch with a press preview and opening reception. Printed works from all 20 included photographers will be available for purchase and promoted to our audience of over 2.5 million. The first show in this series opens this December!

Klompching Gallery, New York

The LensCulture Winter Print Show 2017, our inaugural exhibition, will run from Dec 13 - 23, 2017.
The deadline to submit projects to be considered for the exhibition was Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

LensCulture Online Exhibition

Our panel of fine art professionals will select 40 artists to be shown in the LensCulture online exhibition, including the 20 photographers showcased at New York City’s Klompching Gallery. Printed works from all 40 included photographers will be available for purchase online via OpenStudios and promoted to our audience of over 2.5 million.

Dina Mitrani
Founder/Director Mitrani Gallery
Caroline O’Breen
Owner and Director
Galerie Caroline O’Breen
Susan Nalband
Founder/Director Gallery 555
Yumi Goto
Curator, Reminders Photography Stronghold
Darren Ching
Klompching Gallery
New York City
Debra Klomp Ching
Klompching Gallery
New York City

To be considered for the online exhibition, projects must be submitted by
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Market & Sell Your Work Online
with OpenStudios

We’ve partnered with OpenStudios, a platform that helps photographers to market their work and connect with buyers online. OpenStudios is free until you sell your first print, then you’ll receive an additional two months free as part of the LensCulture Project Review. With OpenStudios, photographers can participate in an online marketplace where gallerists, curators, collectors and photography-lovers can purchase high quality prints and learn about the stories behind the images.

LensCulture and OpenStudios have partnered with PICTO Labs, a leading photography lab based in Paris with offices in New York City, to provide fine art quality printing and fulfillment. PICTO was formed in 1950 in Paris and has partnered with some of the world’s most famous photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Chim, and William Klein as well as the most prestigious brands in the fashion and beauty industries.

Ready to take the next step?

Submit a project from your portfolio today and receive advice on presenting your work to galleries, collectors, and the art marketplace—as well as the opportunity to be showcased online and in an exhibition at a New York gallery. $65 USD

Deadline for the New York Exhibition: Tuesday, October 24, 2017
Deadline for the Online Exhibition: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Photo © Courtesy of Klompching Gallery