Free Guides
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Welcome to our collection of free guides for photographers! Over the years we’ve developed a suite of downloadable guides packed with advice, inspiration and recommendations for photographers of all levels. Covering a range of topics, each guide has been written specifically to motivate and help photographers move forward creatively and professionally.
Photographers’ Guide to Working with Galleries
Inside this comprehensive 130 page guide, you’ll learn about the different gallery types and how they work, given the tools for deciding what gallery is right for you, understand how to prepare your portfolio and written materials to be seen by gallery professionals, discover strategies for making yourself known & building a community around your world, plus loads of advice, inspiration and insight from gallery directors, curators, exhibiting artists and educators.
Portrait Photography: LensCulture's Essential Guide to Making and Sharing Remarkable Portraits
Featuring 101-pages of advice, inspiration and recommendations from top photographers and experts like Nadav Kander, Todd Hido, Richard Renaldi and Caleb Stein, this guide is a helpful resource for anyone who loves portraiture.
How to Get the Most Out of Photography Competitions
Submitting work to juried photography competitions is the first step artists take towards building a global audience for their work. But how do you choose among the wide range of competitions available to photographers today? This guide introduces you to the process of entering competitions and making the most of your efforts.
It’s All Dreaming: Essential Writings about Photography from Aperture
Twelve pieces of writing from the Aperture Magazine archives have been collected in this inspiring guide which embraces a spirit of openness and experimentation while encouraging readers to do the same. The backgrounds and practices of the featured artists vary, but they are united in their rigor and commitment to photography.
Street Photography: LensCulture’s Essential Guide to Making and Sharing Remarkable Street Photography
Filled with conversations and wisdom from a range of top photographers such as Matt Stuart, and Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, recognised book publishers such as Dewi Lewis and respected editors, this 86-page guide is a handy resource for those who want to hit the street and share their perspective with the world.
The LensCulture Guide to Career Building Exposure + Recognition
Now, more than ever, there are online and offline opportunities for photographers to participate in photography events, engage with their community, and share their work to get feedback and connect with meaningful exposure. We created this 58-page guide to help you do just that.
The LensCulture Guide for Emerging Photographers
Within the pages of this guide you’ll find useful advice specifically tailored for emerging photographers including tips about entering competitions, preparing for portfolio reviews and how to put your best food forward when marketing your work.