Alexandra Pace’s work entitled “Aquarium” is a photographic series depicting urban life created using a plastic fish-eye lens camera. This collection comprises urban scenes, abstract creations and movement created with the utmost intention of placing the viewer as passive outsider to the happenings within the distorted imagery, somewhat like a visitor walking around an aquarium to find delight in the aberrations created by the lens-like walls of the tank and not necessarily its contents. 

The concept behind this project is that of pseudo fish bowls as containers that depict different scenes from city life – as if the artist is imposing on us the fact that we are all onlookers onto other people’s lives and also simultaneously the subject of the gaze of others within an even larger container. As an outsider looking onto a fishbowl, the viewer is invited to look into these little windows of actuality to discover other people’s worlds alas from the imposed distorted perspective of cheap but all encompassing technology.

— Vince Briffa, artist and curator