(2009 – 2015)

Initially, there was doubt and fear—ubiquitous, really. A doubt about my ability to be a father, a doubt about my ability to succeed in loving. The fear that our intensely close couple would be changed somehow. I worried that my selfish desires would not survive the arrival of this child—a being at once so deeply wished for and yet also dreaded.

Josephine is now 6 years old and those doubts have been dispelled—driven out by new ones, of course. The love is obvious, but the fear of death is a new one. I now have to live with both.

So, it is with all my heart and soul that I photograph both of us, the three of us, really. Love, fears, joys, angers and sorrows all come together in my photographs. Other people are not welcome in this imaginary paradise that I have built. I now face a new struggle: this time, against the inevitable ending that I fear so much of this loving microcosm.

Since 2009, I have been photographing our family. First, it happened without my paying much attention, the camera was simply in hand. But slowly, the series has started to build itself and my photography has become less spontaneous.

Once I found a suitable photographic process, I stuck to it. Namely: looking always for a “good” picture. Eventually, it was a little too much—I realized that I am not taking any more family pictures but solely pictures for the series.

So, today, it is time to stop. Time flies and now more than ever it is clear that nothing precludes the night, there is no reason…and still, I have everything left to dare.

—Arno Brignon

Editor’s Note: Arno Brignon’s photographs will be shown at the Angkor Photography Festival and Workshops, which will run from December 5 to December 12, 2015 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Roughly once per week until the opening of the festival, LensCulture will feature a different part of the Festival’s program. Stay tuned for more!