My journey to Canada started about one month before, on the Canary Islands (of all places). I was flat broke and wondering what to do next. That’s when I met Juliette, from Quebec. She told me that I should just come to Canada and that I would have a summer full of drugs, love, chilli-willy…and maybe I could make some money too…

So, with the last 400€ I had, I jumped into my new adventure and booked a flight to Vancouver.

From Vancouver, I hitchhiked to the Okanagan Valley. The region is known for its dry, sunny climate; for its retirement and leisure communities; for its agriculture (focusing on fruit) and lately for its wine cultivation. In short, the perfect place to bum around.

So I started cherry-picking in Osoyoos (a small desert village, right on the US border). It was not the hardest job that I’ve ever done, physically. But it wasn’t easy to stay focused either. Usually, we began working at 4:00 am, since by 11 it would get too hot to work.

Now, by 6 am, the entire cherry field started smelling like a big marijuana bush. That’s because everyone was sitting on their buckets, smoking from a bong. That’s what I meant about focus being difficult.

After work, more or less everyone would go down to the beautiful lake nearby. Down there, we would play music, drink, smoke, do whatever.

Of course, I always had my camera on me. That way, I could document what was going on…

—Ben Bürkle