Catherine Cameron is an up-and-coming photographer from Norway. I’ve been following her work with interest since we first met a couple years ago at a portfolio review at Rhubarb-Rhubarb in Birmingham, UK. Since then, she has been honored at the French photography festival in Arles, and earlier this year she was featured in exhibitions in countries on four continents — China, Poland, Argentina and the Untied States. Now she is showing great new work (a lot from her recent adventures in China) at her second solo show in Paris, at Galerie Plume.

Cameron covers a wide range of subject matter in her work — still life, street photography, landscape, self-portrait, staged photography and intimate documentary. What is especially remarkable is how all of the genres hang together with such consistency, and so poetically. There is not one false note in her current exhibition.

She shoots medium format black-and-white film exclusively, and creates her own rich and luxurious prints in a traditional darkroom. If you get a chance, you should see these prints in person, because a computer screen can not even begin to reveal the exquisite details.

— Jim Casper