The riots ended. The refugee camp is gone. There is no one, just a few soldiers, policemen and prisoners cleaning every trace left by refugees, reconstructing the broken parts of the “anti-refugee” fence built by the ultraconservative government of Viktor Orban.

On Wednesday hundreds of refugees mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, got into Hungarian territory ready to face-off against the overwhelmed anti-riot police who acted by throwing tear gas and using water cannons against the group.

Shortly after authorities evacuated the Hungarian refugee camp, where people were living in inhuman conditions, hoping to reach the Austrian border.

Today more than 2,000 refugees who had been blocked at the Serbian part of the border had also disappeared. Probably they went to the border with Croatia where almost certainly they will not be able to enter, because the Croatian government decided today to close its borders and cut the traffic on 7 highways that reach the border with Serbia.

In Röszke the only things left are faint traces of their existence …

Remains of clothing, food, backpacks, shoes, water bottles …

They left even their sleeping bags, thinking that Hungary was the door to the heart of Europe, thinking that they didn’t need any more to sleep in the open air.

Human traces remain a part of this landscape, but the immigrants no longer have a place in Röszke or anywhere in Hungary. For now, these humans remain unwelcome and set apart from the rest of humanity.

— David Molina
September 18, 2015, Röszke, Hungary, on the border with Serbia