“Heroes” is a personal body of work about my family and how my uncle’s heroin addiction and his death from overdose affected and changed our lives.

Heroin brought and took away the life of Santi, my uncle. In the little part of his days that I remember, there was music and there was drugs, but he was like a Hero, living between those sparkling moments of happiness and madness.

When he disappeared, that ripped my home apart.

I took these photos during the first year of his absence, when I started to think about explaining our story and also trying to search for some answers.

As I began to dig into this project more deeply, I felt the need to explore other families affected by heroin. I wanted to understand and try to bring a small light of understanding to this often hidden part of our reality.

What I am presenting here is the first step of a long-term project. This is only Chapter 1: “The man who sold the world.”

—David Molina