years old and going strong, Circulation(s) is a Paris-based festival that showcases young and emerging photographic talents from across Europe. In the weeks leading up to this year’s edition (opening on March 26!), we will be sharing some of our favorite photographers from the program. We’re also excited to be working with Circulation(s) as an official media partner. Look out for more information regarding the festival in the days to come!

The on-going project “Vieraalla maalla” (In a Foreign Place) is induced by my personal experiences of cultural misunderstandings—miscommunications that befall all of us, at times, and affect the way we perceive images and the world around us.

In this fabricated, outlandish world, the traditions and customs from Finnish, Karelian and Sami culture have been given a slightly odd twist. Although my images don’t deviate beyond recognizability for the viewers with the relevant cultural knowledge, the scenes do toy with proverbs, phrases and obsolete customs, rendering the images absurdly strange to those people who are unfamiliar with the cultural heritage altogether.

Drawing from personal experiences of cultural alienation and misunderstandings, and my own Karelian origin, the work invites the recipients to strive to decipher and locate the depicted world, thereby denoting the arbitrary nature of our interpretations of images, which we so often and easily take for granted.

—Emilia Mosio