“Esprìts” is a project performed by a Holga camera. It is a project-diary, a series of photographic notes about faded memories that often appear like spirits. These photographs are instinctive, evolving over time and form a body of work which I hope will never end.

Despite the absence of clarity, or sharply defined realism, “Esprìts” should be considered a documentary. It is about myself and my visions of many things. My camera, simple and light, served as an ideal companion for these trips that I undertook, travels that represented my ever-intertwined experiences and emotions.

As for the aesthetic? Yes, they are not tack-sharp images. They are not enormous, meter-long prints. But personally, I believe that small size can often give the opportunity to communicate mood a bit more carefully and also carry a greater sense of intimacy between the author and the viewer. Meanwhile, I liked the “controlled” unpredictability and the distorted effects produced by my Holga camera. It wasn’t perfect every time and that worked well for me. In this camera, I found the right pen with which to write down my feelings and moods.

Professionally, I work as a plant biologist. Thanks to my work, I am keenly familiar with the complex and invisible systems that plants use to communicate with one another. This is a fantastic and invisible world, not unlike the one I am striving to create with my camera.

—Enrico Doria (from a conversation with Alexander Strecker for LensCulture)