Attracted to ethereal themes, Francisco Rigozzi seeks to fill what he sees as a “language gap” and re-enact dreams with his photography. Inspired by the premise that the uniqueness of the self is hidden in the unimaginable, Adolecer looks at the individual and humanity’s similarities through the juxtaposition of portraits and environmental shots. Rigozzi passionately describes his thoughtful project:

Adolecer was born from the premise that the uniqueness of the self is hidden in the unimaginable. We are only capable of imagining our sameness, what is equal within everyone. The unique self cannot be guessed and calculated beforehand. It is necessary for others to discover, to reveal, and to conquer. If people could be expressed numerically, there would be one millionth of difference and nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine millionths of similarity among them.

By juxtaposing portraits and other images of the apparent subconscious—one that is felt but never revealed—my series is abstract and ethereal as a dreamy and pale seagull floating above grey water. I intend to appeal to the ethereal, but also to the relationship I established with love, loneliness, sadness, joy, and with learning.

Learning re-establishes things to their original state.

It makes them vibrate. I know that, and I intend to vibrate also.

—Francisco Rigozzi