The first image from this series, Submerged, is the one that fundamentally oriented my approach to the project as a whole. I was inspired by those misty days during mid-fall, when the lines between sky, land and water begin to blur, when things begin to look clearer and much more indistinct at the same time.

Walking along the shore of a nearby lake, the little boat was the first thing that caught my attention. Lying still and effortless under the lake surface, surrounded by the lily pads and with the mist covering the whole landscape. Even before I lifted my camera, the view arrested me. Reality and dream were melding, in front of my eyes and within me.

I did not take out my camera equipment right away, afraid that I might disturb this peaceful and oneiric scene. But as I remained still and stared, I continued to feel drawn to the tranquil atmosphere. Even though the fog was covering everything, it didn’t make my vision less clear. On the contrary, after the first shot, the images I wanted to make began developing in my mind’s eye.

—Frang Dushaj

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