Gabriele Galimberti is a talented, ambitious photographer, always traveling the world in search of adventure, good stories, interesting people and ... great local food.

And because he’s an Italian who loves to cook and eat, it’s no surprise that one of his “side projects” is now becoming a unique photobook: Grandmothers from around the world, sharing their most popular recipes.

Not only did this project give him an excuse to photograph inside home kitchens all around the world — he also got delicious home-cooked meals at every stop!

Galimberti ate (and photographed) moose steak in Alaska; caterpillars in Malawi; ferociously hot ten-spice-curry in India; shark soup in the Philippines; and many, many more exotic dishes. He paired a portrait of each grandmother with a photo of her final dish. Photo-editor Arianna Rinaldo says, “He has come back with a cookbook of detailed recipes that mix love, photography and travel amongst the many exotic ingredients.”

Get more details — including every recipe — at Galimberti’s website.

Buon appetito!

— Jim Casper