In the 21st century, it has become increasingly common to be born into one culture only to re-establish oneself elsewhere. Most recently, we have witnessed this transience through a multitude of news reports covering the journeys of thousands of refugees fleeing from war torn countries. For those forced to leave home, they find themselves suddenly trapped in an unsettling limbo—waiting for permission to be “accepted” on multiple levels. This in-between existence presents new hardships with devastating challenges that tear down and reshape one’s sense of identity.

Of course, mass migration is by no means a new phenomenon—but for the artists in this exhibition, their intimate examinations of these circumstances opens up new paths of understanding these life-altering events. Using a mix of different media, they translate their experiences and share a deeper understanding of this ordeal.

Utilizing photography, performance and filmmaking, each body of work examines the experiences of those thrust into a culture that is markedly different from their own. Their stories illustrate the challenges faced, both physically and psychologically, revealed in ways that go far beyond what is recognized as “traditional documentation” or classic photojournalism.

—Galleri IMAGE

Editors’ Note: The exhibition ‘IN BETWEEN / IN TRANSIT’ has been curated by Peggy Sue Amison (who is also the Artistic Director of
East Wing in Dubai, UAE). It will run from May 6, 2016 until June 26, 2016. In connection with Art Weekend Aarhus, Galleri Image presents a seminar, Translating Transience on May 29 at 2 PM with participating artists and the curator present. Don’t miss it!

The show is supported by The Danish Art Foundation, Aarhuus Stiftstidendes Foundation, Grosserer F.L Foght’s Foundation, Helnan Marselis Hotel, and The City of Aarhus.