Photographers from 141 countries around the world submitted their images to the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2016. The entries reveal a truly global snapshot of urban life all over the planet.

Since there was so much good work to see, we decided to highlight photographs from an additional 100 photographers whose submissions were rated highly by the jury. In some cases, these entries consisted of only a single image; in others, there was a fully realized project waiting to be discovered. Here, we present one such project that caught the eye of our editors during the judging process.

I created “iN-SiDE” in February 2014 with the intention to make a space where I could work exclusively on my street images.

Deep down, I identify more strongly with street photography than with any other photographic genre. I believe that it’s important to look for something distinct in daily life—something that is hiding and reveals itself just for a moment.

Taking a good photograph on the street is very hard, especially because a powerful image is the result of several different factors: composition, light and color. While I don’t shun black and white imagery, I focused on color for this series because I felt it was crucial to the message I wanted to convey.

“iN-SiDE” is an ongoing project; I consider it my most significant photographic work to date. It is a sort of container: a filter through which I assess what is interesting for me out in the wide, wide world.

—Giacomo Vesprini